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Headshots: Meet Your New Leadership

Headshots are your corporate and professional "first impression". A great business headshot can be used all over your social media from LinkedIn and Facebook to your email signature . As crazy as it is, you could be the top expert in your field, but without a great bio picture, some of your hard earned credibility can be lost. On the other side, you can be completely new in your field and a great headshot can add to your professional character.

Last month, the National Cabinet of Kappa Delta Chi came to Dallas for their annual leadership meeting and asked me to update their headshots.

Headshots can vary wildly, You have the opportunity to present yourself in a very formal way or showcase your personality or what you do.

Anyone who has ever done a headshot with me knows that I teach them how to do the "Tiffany Turtle". The turtle is just reaching your chin forward and dropping it down so that you have a longer neck. It may feel very strange and uncomfortable, but it will accentuate your jawline and reduce any double chin you have. Who doesn't want that?!

Tips for a great headshots:

Be yourself and relax.


Wear something fitted.

If you wear a jacket, make sure it fits.

Get it done professionally....good lighting and angles matter.

Wear more makeup that you normally do.

Do your hair similar to your everyday look.

Accessories and layers are your friend.

Hire a photographer you feel comfortable with.



In the Dallas area and interested in scheduling a personal headshot for yourself?

Ask me about pricing for your entire leadership team! Happy to travel for groups of 5 or more.



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