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Getting Engaged in Dallas? Do a Reunion Tower Proposal

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

The most well recognized building in Dallas is no other than the Reunion Tower, or "The Ball" as many people call it. That's what makes the Reunion Tower one of the best places to propose at and get engaged in Dallas.

Best place to get engaged- Reunion Tower

The Reunion Tower is over 50 stories and the 15th tallest building in Dallas. It has 360 degree views, so on a clear day you can see Fort Worth over 30 miles away. The Reunion Tower elevator from the lobby takes just over 1 minute to arrive at the observation deck. Back in the day, the original restaurant rotated a full circle every hour, so you could have dinner and enjoy the entire view while you sat there. There is still an amazing restaurant to enjoy, but the rotating feature is no longer in place.

I've lived here my whole life and until I started shooting lots of engagements at Reunion Tower, I'd only ever been up to the top just a few times. Every time feels fun and special.

Here what it's like to get engaged at the Reunion Tower.

You can book the "Love is in the Air" package at Reunion Tower at a date they have available. The Reunion Tower does require a 48 hour notice, so you will want to check their availability early.

PRO TIP: Book on a weekday! The GeO-deck is still open to the public so you will have more privacy and less people around if you choose to propose on a Mon-Thurs date.

Guy proposing at the Reunion Tower

With the engagement package, the Reunion Tower will give you 2 tickets to the GeO-deck with VIP elevator service. You will get a souvenir photo in an acrylic frame. This photo is taken when you first walk in and ready for you to pick up once the proposal is over.

Once upstairs, you will see the "Love is in the Air" set up area for the proposal. The space is roped off so you are provided a special place to propose without other Reunion Tower visitors in the way. All you have to do is walk her over to the proposal area and you can pop the question!

Reunion Tower Proposal package

Love is in the Air set up for getting engaged at the Reunion Tower

At the last proposal I did, when the couple stepped off the elevator, the girl saw the proposal area, but didn't think it was for her. So just because you see it when you first arrive, it doesn't mean the surprise is revealed yet!

PRO TIP: Make dinner reservations upstairs at the Crown Block restaurant so that you can have another surprise after the proposal to celebrate your engagement.

Now it's time to propose, what do I do?

Here are the steps to make your proposal easy and seamless.

  1. Lead her to the right place: When girls get the feeling that something is about to happen, their feet become slow like they are in concrete. Lead her to the exact place where you want to propose.

  2. Take a Knee: Once you are on your knee, take out the ring. BUT BEFORE YOU OPEN IT, give her some sweet words. It doesn't need to be a long speech (it can be), but tell her why you love her, why you want to marry her, etc.

  3. Open the Box: It's time to show her the ring and ask THE question. Definitely say those 4 awaited words, "Will you marry me?" Once she says yes, then YOU take the ring out of the box and place it on her finger. I've seen many awkward moments where the girl is reaching for the ring out of the box to try to put it on.

  4. Celebrate: CONGRATS! Hug, kiss, jump up and down. Tell her all the things you had to do to set up this surprise for her! Enjoy this moment now that you are officially engaged!

  5. Cheers and Take some Photos!

This is a one of the most memorable moments in your life that you will be glad you chose to have professionally photographed and documented!

As far as photography goes, most people opt for my 30 min package. This will include photography from the moment you step into the proposal area, the actual proposal, candid photos of the celebration and some engagement photos outside to commemorate the moment! You get all the photos in your online gallery within a few days.

You also have the option to upgrade to a 1 hour session with everything included above plus an extended 30 min for an engagement shoot. You can also add on a video of the proposal that we can shoot for you to remember it by and show your family and friends.

GUYS! Don't forget.... I always ask what's your plan to get her dressed up for this occasion. You want to make sure she is dressed nicely, but still unaware of the surprise that is coming!

Bonus points if your bring her to your Reunion Tower proposal like this....

Couple gets engaged by helicopter at Reunion Tower

If you are interested in booking photography coverage for your Reunion Tower proposal,

click below or email me at to check for availability and get your date reserved!


Tiffany Hopwood Photography loves to be a part of engagements and proposals. We specialize in destination weddings worldwide and happily photography weddings right here at home in Dallas, Texas.


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