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"I am living my dream getting to travel the world as a wedding photographer.

Thank you" 


Why choose Tiffany Hopwood Photography for your wedding photographer?

Unlimited images 

You get every image that I edit! Most receive 700+ images! 

Fun & Variety

 I will make your wedding day as fun and stress free as possible by making everyone feel comfortable. We can do a mix of candid and posed, from laughing moments to emotional memories.



 Create a package that fits your wedding and budget, including you choosing your own payment plan.



The Beginning

 My love for photography has always been a part of my life. In high school, I always convinced my friends to let me do "photo shoots' with them. During my senior year, I took my 1st photography class where I learned basic composition and how to work in a dark room to develop film. 

Now, do you remember 1 hr photo labs? It's ok if you don't! That's where I worked during college, developing film, editing and printing pictures. I bet you didn't know you could edit photos without Photoshop back in those days! After a few months, they offered me a full time position to manage the photo lab, but I passed on it because I was focused on finishing my degree.


During college, I never dreamed that I would have a successful photography career. It just wasn't on my radar at that time.


After I graduated from college with my Bachelor's degree and then my MBA in Accounting, I got my CPA license and started climbing the corporate ladder.  I enjoyed the pace of the corporate world and managing the financial side of businesses. I still love this aspect of running my own business. All the while though, I continued to invest in new cameras and kept shooting for my family and friends.


I even shot my 1st wedding in all film. SCARY!

In 2012, the real journey began as I transitioned into a professional wedding photographer. And I got married myself! My first step was attempting to make a fabulous website (It's a skill that grows with time, haha) as well as a social media presence to attract newly engaged couples. And then...  Boom, I was in business! From there, it has been non-stop wonderful craziness! I mean who doesn't want to get paid to do Destination Weddings. I am still overwhelmed when I think about how amazing my job really is.

After 7 years of juggling a full time photography business AND a full time career as a corporate controller, I decided it was time to just work for myself and further grow my OWN business. YES!! Now I sit here and wonder, why did I wait so long? I feel blessed beyond measure and am so grateful.

Why Weddings?

Some people ask me why I started doing weddings and how did I get into them from the start of my business. My only answer is that I was immediately drawn to the variety that wedding photography provides. I feel more relaxed and comfortable doing weddings than any other type of shoot. 

After my first wedding, I knew wedding photography was what I was meant to do. 

I learned lessons from my own wedding and decided I would provide my brides with much more than I received. Exceptional service, quality art worth framing and loads of photos to document every single part.


Weddings allow me to do everything from creative portraits to documentary candid pictures. Dramatic night portrait photography has become my niche.

From starting with a basic Nikon D60 to my current camera, the flagship Nikon D6, photography is not a destination where you arrive one day with all knowledge, it's a journey of never ending growth. 

When I started, I was doing 3-5 weddings a year and now we average 30+ a year. I've won multiple top Wedding Photographer awards and have been featured in numerous magazines and publications. 

My Personality

I am energetic, easy to talk to and curious about people.

I love to hear people's life stories and get to know them.

I help people who initially feel awkward in front of the camera feel comfortable........(which is almost everyone!)

Top Customer Reactions

"That was fun" (Girls)

"We should hang out sometime" (Love this one)

"That wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be" (Guys)

"Thank you so much for working SO hard" (Brides & Grooms)

"I can't wait to see the pictures" (Everyone)

Things I Love

Meeting fun-loving, awesome couples

Witnessing the beginning of a new marriage

Showing people how to move and interact to look amazing

Travel, Travel, Travel! I love doing weddings all over the world. 

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