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Highland Park Village Surprise Engagement Proposal

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Weeks ago, I received a message on my website from visitor from New York asking about photographing a proposal at Highland Park Village.

First of all, I'm always extremely excited about any opportunity to do a live proposal.

But I was 1000% more excited when I found out that this engagement was going to be a COMPLETE SURPRISE for his future fiancé.

She didn't just not know that he was planning to propose, she didn't even know an engagement ring had been purchased.

These days surprise engagements are so rare. According to, over 60% of couples shop together for the engagement ring, so here I am lucky to be part of this fun proposal!

Scott wanted to propose in the same location as their first date, Fachini Ristorante, in Highland Park Village. He asked if I could suggest a specific engagement location that would be good for pictures as well. So I offered to go to Highland Park Village the next day to scout out the perfect place for him to propose.

I went the next day, took photos of the best spots and sent him pictures of his options all around Highland Park Village. Ultimately, we chose the ivy covered, Spanish tiled stairs next to the Christian Louboutin store because it had a beautiful background as well as lots of open space.

To complete the surprise engagement, he flew in both sides of their families to be there to watch the proposal happen and to celebrate with dinner reservations for everyone at Fachini.

On the day of the engagement, I got there early to scope out the location and make sure it was clear. While we were waiting, groups of teens kept coming to my perfect proposal spot to take photos! I was nervous!

When she finally arrived, the spot we picked for the engagement was open with no one standing around, except their families. You can see the whole proposal here, including this behind the scenes shot.


Tiffany Hopwood Photography loves to be a part of engagements and proposals. We specialize in weddings in Highland Park, Dallas, and destination weddings worldwide.

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