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White Rock Lake Airbnb Elopement Wedding

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

I started to write this blog 10 different ways.... there's so much to be said about a simple backyard elopement wedding.

This particular wedding had so many unique elements like:

  1. The wedding was the day after Thanksgiving.

  2. There were only 16 wedding guests and all of them were family members from out of state.

  3. The wedding was at a mid-century modern Airbnb built in 1950 that had been remodeled like it was ready to be featured in a magazine.

  4. The property was over a full acre near White Rock lake with a creek and pond in the backyard. Rare!

  5. Both the bride and groom were as photogenic as models and as easy going as it gets.

  6. The bride and groom had their fur baby, Whiskey, in the wedding.

  7. The schedule allowed for me to have extra time before the wedding which made for much more relaxed pre-wedding detail pictures.

For this particular wedding, there were so many details shots and ceremony pictures that I loved, that I decided to just focus on that for this post. I could do a whole other post on just their couple pictures and night photos.

I did include one of my favorite night wedding photos that we did at the very end. The crazy part is that I took the ceremony photos and the night photo in the exact same location, just hours apart. It's amazing how a location can be transformed from day to night and look so different in pictures. It just goes to show you that you can get awesome shots no matter what location you are in!


Tiffany Hopwood Photography has a special love for elopement and intimate weddings. We specialize in wedding and destination wedding throughout the US and the world.

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