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Dream Destination Wedding in Tuscany, Italy

Updated: 4 days ago

When I booked my 1st destination wedding in Puglia, Italy, I thought I hit the jackpot. WOW.... My 1st Destination Wedding in ITALY!

Only a few months later, I shockingly booked another wedding in Italy! This time, it was Tuscany. I had never been to Puglia or Tuscany, so both were dream locations for me.

Both of my couples were from the UK, traveling abroad to get married in Italy. Little did I know that my bride for Tuscany was a model and an actress. During the speeches, her dad revealed that Italy was special to her because it was where she filmed the movie, Wonder Woman. She played as one of the Amazon women in the 2017 movie. So cool!

And let me tell you, Tuscany is just as beautiful as everyone says. It's full of hills, villas, towering cypress trees and history everywhere. We stayed in a renovated 16th century medieval village that was on a hilltop overlooking the greenest valleys you have ever seen. The pace of life is slower just like any other place in the countryside, so Tuscany is a great location to bring your guests to to enjoy a relaxing intimate wedding.

View from Agriturismo Belagaggio
View from Agriturismo Belagaggio, Tuscany Italy

The bride and groom chose Agriturismo Belagaggio as their venue, sight unseen even! It wasn't until much later that they traveled to Tuscany for an in person site visit. The photos were just that compelling that they were sure it was where they wanted to have their destination wedding. In Tuscany, there are many venues that are working farms in addition to also hosting weddings. The farm is run by a large family and they all step in to help coordinate the wedding day. Some of the farms are wineries and vineyards, but this venue specialized in olive trees in groves that stretched down the hills as far as you can see.

The wedding was so much fun and the bride even sat Jacob and I at the main table with all of the other guests for the dinner. It gave us an opportunity to get to know everyone even better so we felt like we were part of the family as well.

Destination Wedding Tuscany Italy

As soon as we got home, I sent her a few sneak peeks and she was in LOVE. In her words, " I. AM. OBSESSED."

Then she sent me this amazing review. This is what she said: "Tiffany and Jacob, where do I even start? Before we even met, we had FaceTime chats where I knew we were going to get on like a house on fire. Alongside skill (of course) the next most important thing for your wedding photographer is to like them! You spend so much of your day together it needs to be fun, and Tiffany was so much fun! She made us feel amazing with every shot, she had fantastic inspiration, great guidance and the most inventive ideas. 5 days later and I’ve received sneak peeks that I am obsessed with. I gave her ‘old Hollywood glamour’ as my theme of choice and oh my, did she deliver! We could not be happier, and I could not recommend Tiffany Hopwood more if I tried! Fantastic, 5 star photographer and human!"

Here is a small sample of our first Tuscany, Italy Destination Wedding and certainly not the last!


Tiffany Hopwood Photography is obsessed with Destination Weddings in Italy. We specialize in weddings in destination weddings worldwide. Anyone thinking Greece?

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