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2021 Kappa Delta Chi Leadership Headshots

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Most of you know me as a wedding and destination wedding photographer, but I do all kinds of photography! From maternity and seniors to corporate headshots and branding, there really isn't in much in photography that I don't do. I even did a shoot for Whataburger once!

As I was getting set up for my shoot at the meeting, I overheard someone describe me as a "luxury wedding photographer" in a conversation and I was thinking "Really.?? Wow!" Yes, I love a glamorous, luxury wedding, but I am a photographer for everyone too! Since my heart is in weddings, engagements, and destination weddings, then OF COURSE, you know what my DREAM job is.....

To be the KDCHI photographer that travels all over the country (and world) shooting my gorgeous sister's weddings.

Thank you to my sisters that have made that a reality!

So enough about weddings, we typically do a headshot shoot annually at the leadership meeting. Unfortunately, 2020 prevented us from meeting, but I was excited to be back on this year. I love doing it because I get to spend one on one time (even though it's so short) with each of you, getting to know your personalities. We shoot for a professional look, but I always like to take some fun shots too. My sisters are amazing, beautiful, smart and driven. I am honored to provide you with pictures that show how incredible you are.

Enjoy this year's Kappa Delta Chi Leadership headshots. To see the full gallery of all the poses, scroll to the bottom and click the link below.

To view or download ALL your images, go to the full gallery here!


Interested in updating your personal headshot for yourself, team or brand?

Ask me about pricing for your entire leadership team! Happy to travel for groups of 5 or more.


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