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Sugar Skull Engagement Session

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

When my bride told me she wanted to do sugar skull makeup for her engagement session, I was 100% ready. I did a Day of the Dead themed wedding a few years ago and loved how all the details of the wedding were styled. No one had sugar skull makeup at the wedding, so this was going to be something new for me.

So of course, I was wondering:

  1. What were they planning on wearing to this unique engagement session

  2. Where could we shoot that would be a good fit to feature their style

She decided to split her engagement session with half casual outfits (not pictured) and half full glamorous. They liked the idea of the cactus, desert look, so we shot the whole engagement session near the Fort Worth Stockyards. It's a great location because in a very small radius, there are a huge variety of shooting options.

Since the location is pretty popular amongst local photographers, so it was funny to see other families shooting there and the little kids just staring at their makeup. Not to mention that I was hobbling around because I had dropped my camera on my foot the day before at a wedding. I am sure we looked like an interesting trio!



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