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Awkward (and Hilarious) Ugly Christmas Sweater Couple's Photo Shoot

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

This year was the perfect time to do a silly project of my own.

An ugly Christmas sweater themed shoot.

And what better way to showcase an ugly Christmas sweater than to pair it with awkward poses as well. I did a call on Facebook and got an overwhelming response from people who were interested.

Rules of the shoot:

  1. Provide your own outfit, preferably ill-fitting. Outfit includes as many crazy Christmas accessories as you can have.

  2. Be willing to do silly poses in public....all while looking like you mean it!

  3. Have a shoot where we laugh the entire time

Preston and Karla checked all these boxes. People were actually complimenting them on their outfits and we got several all out laughs from people watching the shoot. From the looks on most people's faces, I am not sure if they thought it was actually a serious thing or not. Of course, that just makes me laugh even more. We laughed our heads off!

But it's funny, it's actually REALLY hard to pose the wrong way. I had to really stretch myself to think of poses that were bad and funny at the same time.

When I did the call on Facebook, I had so many people tell me that they were perfect for this because they feel like they are naturally awkward. It's actually just the opposite, you have to be pretty confident to own it to make it work.

I hope you enjoy these and it brings you some Christmas laughs. Here's hoping to make this an annual thing. If this is YOU, get your outfits ready and your game face on. I will be doing my model call next year!

2020 yall!


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