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Deep Ellum Dallas Engagement Session

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

The Moment You Click

You know when you meet people that just click with you and it's easy....that's exactly how this couple was with me. Jeanne and Chad are 100% my people, which is always something I look for when booking my limited wedding dates. They have easy going personalities and a willingness to try new things (just like I do), so it makes for a perfect match. The better the match almost always translates to the best pictures.

From Awkward to Easy

Now of course, I can work with ANYONE from 100% easy to 1000% awkward. I DO work with all kinds of people on the self diagnosed "I'm awkward" scale on a regular basis.

But get this....

95% of people tell me that they are awkward when we meet

It must be a coping mechanism. No one has ever said, "I'm great in front of the camera." Still waiting for that one....

Most of the time, it isn't true, it's just nerves. You just THINK you are awkward. Actually, I am pretty sure this girl said she was awkward too. (Again, false!)

My goal is to move people along the scale from awkward to awesome! It's actually my JOB to make you feel comfortable and get you back to being your authentic self. And I think I do a pretty great job at it. (Did you hear that horn??) On that rare occasion that I get to skip past that stage, it's nice to just mesh instantly and start doing awesome from the 1st shot.

Boston to Florida to Deep Ellum

He's from Boston, she's from Illinois and they just moved here from Florida. They wanted to do their engagement pictures in Deep Ellum because it reminded them a little of Boston. They are getting married next year in Deep Ellum. I am looking forward to doing more edgy pictures for their wedding!


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