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Christie + Mike: Historic Wedding Chapel Elopement


Pretty much decided that if I could make a living just photographing elopements, then I would only do that.

This was my 1st elopement and hopefully not my last.

Christie and Mike got married on Friday at Special Moments Chapel in Lewisville. The historic church was built in 1901 and has a great old fashioned feel to it. I can only imagine all the brides that have walked down that same aisle in the chapel's 117 year history.

Since they decided to get married in secret, the couple had no guests and the only witnesses were myself and the pastor. They planned a surprise wedding dinner reception later that night to announce their new marriage and tell their family of their elopement. I was so honored to witness the beginning of their marriage. Right after the ceremony, the couple got to ring the wedding bell 7 times to celebrate their new life together. We spent an hour together getting some great photos that will become their memories for the rest of their life. We started with taking photos under the 100 year old tree and ended with some creative day to night shots.

Enjoy the elopement of Christie and Mike.


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