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"That's a big camera, I bet it takes amazing pictures."

One of the top 10 comments or questions I get at as a wedding photographer. And almost always exclusively comes from men. The basis of the comment runs on a spectrum of challenging sarcasm to pure sincerity that is usually correlated with the age of the asker..... and sometimes the camera in their own hand.

Wedding guest taking a photo with a camera

I can usually pin point in advance where the comment will come from. I see them. I am looking out at the crowd and there are always one or two staring at me (or my cameras on the harness). They try to keep their interest casual, in a way that I know they are trying to look as if its a mere glance. Many times, I will float that way and draw the question. The predictability of it amuses me.

The older men are interested in seeing a huge camera up close. They are fascinated by the weight and expense of it. Sometimes they want to know how many "megapixels" it has. I usually smile and just respond with, "Oh , a lot". I am amused on the inside. I remember when digital cameras came out and megapixels was everything, so I get why they ask. If you look closer, these uncles and grandpas are proudly holding their own Canon Rebel with the flash popped up. Fully prepared and ready should something go south with me and they need to step in as the hired wedding photographer.

I like these guys, they have genuine interest. They would love a chance to take a few shots with my camera. Sometimes I let them. Once in their hand, they can see it's almost as heavy as a gallon of milk. They are used to shooting on their screen but they have to look through the viewfinder on my camera because I never set it to live view due to its weight. They push the button and it rapid fires off 4 shots. They are impressed and happily to hand it back to me.

On the other hand of the spectrum, we have the younger, more challenging guy. I never let this guy have a test drive on my camera.

He can't be pleased.

He's a one upper.

I don't shy away from this conversation. Might as well get it over with, it's amusing to me in a different way. He's been waiting the whole wedding to say his piece and impress his plus one. He usually makes some statement about mirrorless vs DSLR to prove he is up on all the latest industry gear. This same guy usually can't tell that I am holding both a DSLR and a mirrorless.

More amusement on my part.

He wants to tell me that my camera brand isn't as good as some other brand. I usually come back with, "I've tried many, but this works for me." I keep it short and move on. There are others waiting to have their turn to talk about my cameras.

Then we have a situation like the guy pictured above. It's a rare situation that I've only had happen a few times. He was actively talking photos, but careful to stay back. He cautiously approached me with his questions. Good questions. His passion for learning and practicing photography was genuine, not competitive. I taught him different things like how to read the light meter on his camera screen and understanding manual mode.

Young wedding guest with a camera


I am starting to write down my stories and experiences with the hope I can put together my decade as a wedding photographer in written form. I hope to tell all my crazy stories to entertain you as well as a behind the scenes story that anyone in the industry can instantly relate to.

What do you think??


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