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Behind the Scenes: From Ok to Wow

I got published!

Today Tiffany Hopwood Photography was FEATURED in one of the most respected and talented photography blogs for an image I posted. This Facebook group called LOOKSLIKEFILM has over 45,000 of the most talented and creative photographers from around the world. The pictures in this group are phenomenal and it is very intimidating to even post in the group!

From the site on how to get featured:

If your image receives 300 likes, we'll contact you to feature it on ! A feature is called a CHOO CHOO in here and that should show you that we don't take ourselves seriously.


This image has received hundreds of likes.


With the way Facebook has limited visibility to posts unless you pay to boost it, even with a fabulous image, it's very hard to get anywhere near that many people to recognize it, like it or comment on it. And especially not from a community of amazing photographers.

Likes and Comments help Facebook determine if a post should be shown to more people. It means everything to mean when someone takes the time to like a photo and even MORE to make a comment. By the way, have you liked my page? **Shameless plug** lol

So, here's is the featured image.

Engagement Picture

The Story: This photo was taken at Presidio Park in San Diego, CA. It was a set up shoot for a workshop I was attending. As one of the only Nikon users, I did not have access to use the Profoto strobes that the rest of the attendees were able to use. Strobe lighting tends to create more dramatic images. So, I had to lean on editing to achieve a similar effect.

Here's the Before, the behind the scenes, straight out of the camera image:

And side by side:

Engagement Picture

My goal for 2018 is to work with couples who want WOW images. Is that you? Let's plan a session in the mountains of Colorado or the glaciers in Iceland. C'mon! Let's go!


Want to book a WOW engagement shoot? Visit

Tiffany Hopwood Photography specializes in wedding photography in San Diego, California, throughout Texas as well as Destination Wedding photography anywhere in the world!

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