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Thanksgiving Family Photo EPIC FAIL

We celebrated our 1st Thanksgiving in Grand Saline, TX this year. In 2017, two parts of our family moved to this little East Texas town.


After turkey, ham, stuffing and all the casseroles, we planned to take a family picture. Who knew it would be an AWKWARD family photo.

I lined everyone up and set the timer. We always do 5 shots in a row to make sure one works. After 2 sets of regular pics, we did one set of silly pics. The entire time we were taking pictures, the kids were distracted by the animals in the fence in front of them.

We decided to take one more set in front of the fence with the animals.

While I was getting my settings correct for the new location, an America's Funniest Home Video moment happened.

Unfortunately I wasn't videoing. I pushed the shutter on accident, forgetting that I was on a 5 shot timer.

The next pics are our Thanksgiving Family Photo FAIL.

"Oh look at the sweet animals"

"Why is the Cow so close to the Donkey?"

"Uh oh"

Funny- No one seems to move

A Closer Look...

We got a good laugh out of this family photo shoot.

Pretty sure, our 1st Thanksgiving in Grand Saline will be scarred into our memories.

I'd love to hear your captions to this photo, lol.


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