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Is is Time to Cancel your Wedding and Elope? Tips to limit the impact of the Coronavirus.

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

If you have been watching the news, it appears the whole world is shutting down to stop the spread of the coronavirus. But believe it or not, some weddings are still on while others are starting to cancel.

I had my 1st postponement today from March to September. The good news is that the bride and groom are still getting married on Friday- elopement style and then we will meet again in September for the full wedding celebration.

If your wedding is impacted, don't cancel it........postpone it!

On March 15, the CDC issued a RECOMMENDATION to cancel all gatherings of 50 people or more for the next 8 weeks due to COVID-19. That recommendation would take us through May 11. One day later, the White House has recommended avoiding groups of more than 10 people and urged older people to stay at home altogether. Things are changing at a rapid pace and by the time I write this, it might already be old news.

If you are currently planning your wedding for the 2nd half of 2020 or early 2021, book your vendors NOW! Most of the Spring brides are rescheduling for all of those dates as we speak!

Here's what you can do now:

1) Faux Elope: Limit your # of guests and go virtual- Cut your guest list and only have the most important people. With everything going on, we are seeing 1/3 to half of guests choosing to stay home anyway. It's time to go virtual! At a recent wedding I went to, the couple had a person with an Ipad streaming the entire event as well as walking around and showing what was happening. You can encourage your virtual guests to toast at home with you.

2) Change your buffet- Skip the finger foods. As far as the buffet goes, instead of allowing all of your wedding guests to serve themselves and have each person touch the serving utensils, hire servers to serve the food. Assign someone to serve the drinks as well for the water, tea and coffee that is normally self served. If you can limit the number of hands touching anything, do it.

3) Get appropriate wedding favors- Get personalized hand sanitizers for your guests. I have found a few places on Etsy that are still taking orders!

4) Spread out and update your seating chart- Instead of having 10 people to a table, make it 5. If still you have older people attending, arrange the seating chart to keep them at a separate table from the rest of the guests.

5) Postpone- Some people are choosing to go ahead and get married but postpone the full wedding and others are postponing completely. Wedding venues are willing to work with you, but don't wait until the last minute.

Just this morning when we were trying to reschedule, the venue was running out of dates within minutes. Have a 3 way conference call with your venue and photographer to find a date that works. Things are crazy right now, get creative.... maybe it's time for a Thursday night wedding. By the time this is behind us, your guests will be excited to attend your wedding, no matter what day of the week it's on.

And whatever you do, if the show goes on.... Keep your celebrating to a smile. Hugs and handshakes will be back, just not yet.


Tiffany Hopwood Photography specializes in wedding and destination wedding throughout the US and the world.


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